Our Legal Services
We are supported by intelligent, knowledgeable, experienced, and loyal lawyers who act with the utmost integrity. Most of our dedicated lawyers have been in the firm for an extensive period of time.
Bankruptcy, Liquidation
& Restructuring

LUCAS, S.H. & PARTNERS has successfully assisted numerous clients in bankruptcy and suspension of payments procedures. In 2000, LUCAS, S.H. & PARTNERS represented companies and individuals in bankruptcy proceedings against an insurance company, which then became the landmark case that led to the revision of the Indonesian Bankruptcy Act.

Civil Law

Our lawyers have extensive experience in civil law where issues mainly revolve around contractual disputes and torts. Our team assists clients at every stage of the process and helps structure the most suitable strategy as well as approach in handling the case. Amongst other litigation cases, in 2007, LUCAS, S.H. & PARTNERS represented a company as the defendant in a USD 200 million tort case at the Supreme Court.

Criminal Law

Our criminal law specialists have represented clients at every stage of the process ranging from investigation, prosecution to court hearing. We have experiences in handling criminal cases involving fraud, embezzlement and forgery and Information Technology and Electronic Transaction Law (ITE).

Other Services
We also provide legal services in many other areas