Other Services

Administrative Law

Our lawyers are trained and equipped in handling matters that fall within the ambit of administrative law. We have represented companies disputing “Kuasa Pertambangan” (Mining License) issued by the relevant Government Officials and the matter was heard at the Indonesian Administrative Courts.


LUCAS, S.H. & PARTNERS has represented companies in the Indonesian Board of Arbitration (BANI). We have also represented foreign companies in enforcing arbitral award in Indonesia involving application, registration, as well as court proceedings on refusal of enforcement of arbitral awards.

If the seat of arbitration is outside of Indonesia and requires the application of foreign law, our lawyers would liase with lawyers from other jurisdictions. This enables us to work closely as a team equipped with the needed expertise on both jurisdictions and choice of law to provide the best representation to our clients.

We also represent clients in Alternative Dispute Resolution outside of Courts, with consultation, negotiation, mediation, conciliation or expert assessment.

Competition Law

Our business competition law team has represented local and foreign entities in the Commission for The Supervision of Business Competition (KPPU). In 2007, LUCAS, S.H. & PARTNERS represented a company that was involved in a major case of alleged monopoly practice of a major telecommunication enterprise’s cellular business activities in the Commission for The Supervision of Business Competition (KPPU).

Constitutional Law

LUCAS, S.H. & PARTNERS have represented clients at the Constitutional Court of Indonesia and in 2004, our team represented individuals as well as an NGO challenging certain articles contained in the Indonesian Bankruptcy Law No. 37/2004. By always keeping abreast of the development of Indonesian laws, our research team is able to help clients get better understanding of the applicable laws. Where matters are brought before the constitutional court, our litigators help provide the best alternative solutions prior to and during every step of the litigation process.

Capital Markets Law

LUCAS, S.H. & PARTNERS handles matters connected to capital market transactions in the Indonesian Stock Exchange. We have represented issuers, security companies, guarantors of debt/equity, etc. Our lawyers hold licenses and are members of the Capital Market Legal Consultant Association of Indonesia (HKHPM).

Employment Law

Our lawyers have been trained to handle matters involving employment law, be it at the early stage of the process concerning employment contract advice or any dispute related to it. While employment law has been developed to allow out-of-court settlement as means to resolve employment disputes, our team can assist companies or individuals at both the Industrial Relation Court and at out-of-court settlement recognized by the employment law.

Family Law

Our lawyers have represented families in the issue of inheritance involving distribution of assets and disputes related to it. The team has the expertise to provide assistance concerning this area of law from the perspective of Islamic Law as well as the Indonesian Civil Code (KUH Perdata). Some of our lawyers also have expertise in American Family Law and Immigration Law, as well as related topics in International Family Law, concerning child custody, support and contempt.

Human Rights

This area of practice requires deep expertise not only in the local law governing human rights but also international laws, conventions and treaties. LUCAS, S.H. & PARTNERS has experts in this area and has been involved in human right cases, such as in 2002, where our lawyers were involved in East Timor's Governor human rights case.

International Law

Supported by lawyers who have been trained overseas, our International Practice team has extensive experience in handling cross-border transactions. Our team is able to assist foreign companies investing in Indonesia and any disputes arising from it. Where the chosen settlement of dispute is arbitration, the team can represent clients in the arbitration proceedings, whether in Indonesia or any other countries, and in collaboration with other international firms when such need arises.

Intellectual Property

Intellectual property (IP) contributes significantly to our national and state economies. Dozens of industries across our economy rely on the proper enforcement of their IP, while consumers use IP to ensure they are purchasing safe and guaranteed products. We believe IP is worth protecting, both domestically and abroad. This is why our lawyers work closely with our clients to protect and defend their creative works.